I’m Jason King but my friends call me Kinger.

A friend said “You’re going to cook it anyways, so why not film and take some pictures”

So I started RANGZENRESTAURANT and all the positive support has been great.


RANGZENRESTAURANT – The Backyard BBQ Show – Everyone should know how to cook delicious BBQ recipes at home to save money and impress your family and friends with ease.
I show recipes from start to finish with detailed information that are easy to understand and all the tips and tricks you need to know. Full video instructions are posted here in the video section or on YouTube all in high quality HD videos to make everything easy to understand with simple instructions.

I also show all the great tools and information on barbecues, sauces, rubs, cooking methods and so much more to help any backyard BBQ cook better. No product sponsors so I give you a 100% honest opinion with no lies. Products I believe will help any backyard BBQ cook better are shown.

I enjoy showing delicious cooking on Charcoal, Gas, Smoked and roasted BBQ food cooked to perfection. Low & Slow or high heat grilling,. With a variety of different cooking methods and cooking equipment for the best tasting BBQ food ever that everyone can cook in your own backyard.

Rangzenrestaurant.com’s Editor

Hello there. I’m Julie McPherson a busy mum of three young children who loves to cook, bake and make stuff. Welcome to my food and craft inspired blog Rangzenrestaurant. Here you’ll find lots of family friendly recipes, book reviews, product reviews and giveaways too. All recipes I publish are my own (unless stated otherwise), so please be kind and respect my copyright.

I am happy to work with brands developing recipes and reviewing products. I love cookbooks, and I frequently work with publishers reviewing the latest cookbooks. Any review I carry out will be unbiased and my own opinion. If you wish to contact me please complete the form below or email me at [email protected]

Julie’s Family Kitchen has been featured on Wayfair.co.uk, in Morrisons magazine, Cake Masters magazine and was shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging (Food) award in 2014.

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